The Big Question 1: Does God Exist?

Apr 19, 2018 2469

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Does God exist?

Does God exist? This is the most important question we can ask, because the answer to this question ultimately determines the answers to all other questions.

I asked myself this question when I started thinking for myself, when I was fourteen. I’d been brought up as a Christian, but one night, I said to God:

“It’s time for me to know you for myself, so God, if you’re really there, and if you love me and have plan for my life, then please wake me up at 2.31 am.”

I went to sleep pretty much straight away. And then suddenly I was awake, as if someone was pushing me and turning my head towards my clock. The time was 2.31 am.

That event set me off on my own discovery of who God was. But I believe that God reveals himself to us in many different ways. Here are some other ways.

God uses the existence, beauty and the design of the natural world around us to reveal himself to us. Why is there something rather than nothing? And where did the “something” come from? Why is it that there appears to be clear evidence of design in nature?

Next, each one of us has an inner guide that we call our conscience. Why is it that, as a generalisation, across most cultures on earth, there is a basic, common morality? Most people seem to aspire to a higher kind of love and morality that goes beyond merely the survival of the individual or even the group or society. Why?

And for me, it’s also clear that the Bible has a divine origin. When you consider that it was written over a period of fifteen hundred years or so, and by different authors who wrote 66 books, the Bible has an amazing uniformity in the one story it tells, and particularly about the coming and the work of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ himself is the greatest revelation of God, and the greatest evidence of God’s existence. To me, there is no reasonable explanation for the coming and the impact of Jesus of Nazareth other than his origin from God.

As I see it, there’s also something else. I also believe that God exists because his existence helps me make sense of everything else around me. The world is exactly the way you’d expect it to be if what he says about it is true.

Knowing that God exists has helped me move onto the next most important question. What is God like? And I have found him to be a wonderful, loving and caring God. And that’s made all the difference in my life.

does God exist The Big Question 1 Does God Exist
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