Let Jesus Use Your Kingdom Business

God has called you to be faithful with all you have. Your business is kingdom business.

You reach out all the time to grow your business. With GNU you can use your business to reach out and transform lives for the kingdom of God.

It’s simple to sponsor our powerful Gospel content to reach thousands of people with the life-saving message of Jesus. Better still, the choice is all yours… what, who, where, and when.

Your involvement will generate countless testimonies and stories of lives transformed by Christ

Here are a few testimonies from the GNU community: 

My Life Has Never Been The Same!

I was really in need of Jesus Christ in my life. Since you started sharing the Word of God with me, my life has never been the same!

Sierra Leone

God Has Something to Say Everyday!

I feel that God has something to say to me every day. It’s like GNU’s daily devotions are his way of reaching out.


God is More Loving Than I Thought!

I have realised that God is more understanding and loving than I ever thought, and he is more present in my present than I ever knew.


Gave My Life to Jesus

I have given my life to Jesus!


Curious Muslim Found Christ

I grew up as a Muslim and we knew Jesus as a Prophet. My curiosity to know more about Christ led me to him. Thank you, GNU!

South Africa

Blood of Jesus Instead of Animals

I used to believe in the blood of animals. Now I believe in the blood of Jesus!


Revived My Spiritual Side

GNU’s daily devotions keep me in touch daily with my “spiritual” side which in the past has been neglected. Signing up has been a rich blessing.

New Zealand
kingdom business

Every comment above represents hundreds of others sharing a similar story. You can multiply these stories as a Kingdom Business!

Together we reach more than 34,000,000 people on an annual basis but it is always about reaching and interacting with the “one” because many “ones” is what makes the greatest impact!

The Ministry of Jesus was supported by businessmen and women who were involved in various ways.

One of the first disciples, Simon, was in the fishing business. He owned fishing boats and employed fishermen in his Kingdom Business.  

Kingdom Business Owner Simon

Jesus and the fishing business

In Luke 5:1-7 we read about how Jesus worked with Simon’s business assets for Kingdom purposes. Jesus stepped into Simons boat and it became a platform to make the Gospel message heard by more people. 

In this story we see how:

  • Jesus needed a way to make His message effectively heard to a large crowd (verse 1)
  • Jesus partnered with Simon so that he could use his business assets to help (verse 2-3)
  • Simon listened to Jesus instructions and saw supernatural results (verse 4-7)

Be Like Simon - Use Your Kingdom Business for Jesus!

It is our desire to see more business owners join us and “make room for Jesus in your boat!”

There are a few options available for your business to support the sharing of Jesus message.

Image of the disciple Simon & Andrew from “The Chosen” © 2020, VIDANGEL