How You Can Be a Mighty Warrior of God

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warrior of god

The story of Gideon in the Bible shows you how you can be a mighty warrior of God.

The back story is that for years, the Midianites have been raiding the people of God, the Israelites. Every spring, after the harvest, they would come in huge numbers, and steal all the crops. The Israelites had no military strength to resist the large armies of the Midianites, so they remained in hunger and misery.

When we first meet him, in Judges 6, it’s not an auspicious introduction. He is presented simply as the son of Joash. I guess that’s natural. No one knew who Gideon was. He was just someone’s son. He was only known by his relationship with someone else.

It’s like when no one knows who you are. They only know you as someone’s wife, or someone’s husband, or someone’s daughter. Nothing special.

Also, when we first meet him, Gideon is doing something rather odd. He’s kind of sneaking around, and if you look closely, you’ll see that he’s trying to hide the grain from the harvest.

Gideon Shows You How to be a Mighty Warrior of God

Now that’s not a promising start to being a mighty warrior for God: to be sneaking around and hiding, is it? Fear is the unspoken cloud that too often holds us back from achieving great things, and Gideon was just like you and me.

However, it’s how the angel of the Lord addresses Gideon that is interesting. He says to him,

The Lord is with you, mighty warrior (v.13).

What the angel of the Lord says seems to be completely opposite to Gideon’s actions. Gideon, a mighty warrior? Hardly! And Gideon thinks so to, because he responds, with,

“Pardon me…” (v13).

It’s almost as if Gideon looks around to see if there is a “mighty warrior” anywhere in sight, and then kind of says, “Excuse me. Are you talking to me?”

But instead of someone who is fearful, God sees a mighty warrior.

Gideon goes on to ask the angel of the Lord,

…if the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us? (v.13)

Gideon asks the “why” question that we often ask: “Why has this happened to me?” But the angel of the Lord doesn’t answer the “why” question. Instead, he answers the “who” question and the “how” question.

First, the “who” question: The angel of the Lord says to Gideon, “I’m sending you” (v.14, paraphrased).

Next is the “how” question: The angel of the Lord says, “I will be with you” (v.16).

In Christ You Are Invincible.

Here are the lessons from this story about how you can be a mighty warrior for God. First of all, we have to learn to accept who God says we are. We aren’t defined by our past, our feelings, or even by what we’re doing right now. If God says it, it’s true! No matter how much fear you might be feeling right now, just like with Gideon, if you take hold of God’s strength, he sees you as a mighty warrior as well.

The angel of the Lord told Gideon that he was sending him. In the same way, God sends you and me to confront our problems and the issues that we think are too big for us.

And the reason why you will overcome won’t be because within yourself you’re the strongest, most talented, or the bravest; not at all! You will be a mighty warrior for God simply because he will be with you.

When you take hold of that promise as a reality in your own life, you become a mighty warrior for God. In every situation, no matter how desperate it may seem, you will be invincible. – Eliezer Gonzalez

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Eliezer Gonzalez

Nov 14, 2022

Dear Gary, if you have placed your trust in Jesus, you can never, ever be excommunicated from him! Grace and Peace, Eliezer

Gary Wade

Nov 11, 2022

My name is Gary I was raised as a Catholic I am about to confess crimes against God that may get me ex communicated from the church I am guilty of every single sin imaginable I repent from my sins I submit to God's will I am prepared to be ex communicated from the Catholic church I am not prepared to be ex communicated from the father or Jesus the son I pray for something that I don't deserve forgiveness and redemption , please I'm unsure how I've came across this site but I beg you please pray for me and my soul to be forgiven and redeemed by Christ our Lord and be excepted by the father Jehovah YHWH


Apr 17, 2021

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved

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