Jesus Loves Being Interrupted

Mar 5, 2017 1823

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Jesus Loves Being Interrupted

I’m one of those people who often talks too much, and I don’t like being interrupted. Actually, I don’t know anyone who enjoys being interrupted.

One day, Jesus was busy teaching in the temple in Jerusalem, when he was interrupted by people with a higher priority.

They’d caught a woman right in the middle of the act of adultery, and her accusers now threw her at Jesus’ feet. They expected him to condemn her and agree that she should be put to death, as their law demanded. But he didn’t.

Instead, Jesus interrupted his lesson to forgive this woman and to accept her with an open heart. He still does that today with every sinner who comes to him in need of grace.

We all have a lot of important things to do. But here’s the most important.

You are loved and forgiven by God, so put kindness, forgiveness and love first in your life. The rest can wait.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Jesus love being interrupted

Put kindness, forgiveness and love first in your life.

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