Romans Article Issues 1 – 8

Oct 10, 2014 1736

written by Dr Desmond Ford

Issue No 1

romans 1

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If the people of our world knew just how valuable the Book of Romans really is, and if it were a book that’s hard to find-they would fight to get it.

Issue No 2

romans 2


Frederick Godet, the French theologian, called Romans, “The cathedral of the Christian faith.” It is, indeed. It’s the most important document ever written.

Issue No 3

romans 3


When you open your Bible to Romans chapter one, you find the key to the book right there, in verses 16 and 17:

Issue No 4

romans 4


Do we understand that God is prepared to justify the ungodly? This word “justify” never means to make righteous inside. 

Issue No 5

romans 5


Notice how, in the opening chapters of the book of Romans, Paul works as with a lawyer’s brief. (A lawyer’s brief is an outline statement of a client’s case.) The first three chapters of Romans file a lawyer’s brief.

Issue No 6

romans 6


The Living Bible has a beautiful summary of what happens next (both in Romans and salvation).

Issue No 7

romans 7


Ninety percent’ of what we read or hear only once we forget within two or three days.

Issue No 8

romans 8


We need to ask, ‘Why the cross? “Why didn’t God just forgive sin without the cross? Why didn’t God just say, “We’ll let bygones be bygones?”

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