There Were Shepherds . Keeping Watch Luke 2:8

Sep 18, 2014 1544


There Were Shepherds…
Keeping Watch
Luke 2:8
by Desmond Ford


Every aspect of the Bethlehem nativity is a facet of the gospel jewel, a reflection of Christ himself. With every new Christmas we are enabled to behold more and more of his glory as we

contemplate the scenes which made angels marvel and bow in adoration.

Bethlehem, the famed city of David, means “the house of bread.” As of old, here at Bethlehem the true
Bread of Life came down in the stillness of the night. He was anointed with the dew of heaven, for “God gave not the Spirit by measure unto him.” The ancient manna was white, and prefigured the purity of the Bread which was to come. It was round, reminding us of the perfection of the Messiah, unbroken and unmarred by any defect. It was sweet and nourishing,as our Lord is to the souls of believers.

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