The Mystery of Christ’s Tears

Mar 3, 2017 2252

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The Mystery of Christ’s Tears

I never was much good at memorising stuff.

When I tried memorising Bible verses I usually got a few of the words wrong. But there’s one verse I never got wrong, not just because it’s the shortest verse in the Bible, but because I often wondered about it.

It says,

Jesus wept.

Why did Jesus weep? We’ll never really know what went on in Jesus’ heart that day, outside the tomb of his best friend Lazarus.

Elsewhere, the Bible says that Jesus carried our sorrows. Wow! So Jesus actually shed tears like we do!

And in those tears that fell down Christ’s face were included every tear that you’ve ever cried, every sorrow that you have ever felt.

He wept so that one day there would be no more weeping.

So when next you shed a tear, remember there’s someone who understands. Let yourself be washed in the compassion and love of Jesus.

Eliezer Gonzalez

The Mystery of Christ's Tears

You can take comfort in Christ’s tears. He wept so that one day there would be no more weeping.

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