Jesus – The Only Way?

Sep 27, 2020 2382

Christianity is an exclusive religion. Jesus taught that he is the only way to heaven (John 14:6). By definition, the gods, wise men, and prophets of other faiths are not the way to salvation. Only Jesus Christ is the way.

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The Only Way is Exclusive and Inclusive

There’s wonderful news in accepting that Jesus is the only way because it makes the way to eternal life simple and clear. And even better, although Christianity is an exclusive religion, it teaches inclusive salvation. Jesus is an inclusive Saviour.

Christians who act in exclusive ways have misunderstood the Gospel. The message of Jesus invites all to come (Matthew 11:28). He has opened the door to salvation (Acts 14:27) and all who want can come in (Luke 14:21-23). God invites all. He makes it easy to come in. However, there is only one door. Jesus himself is that door (John 10:9). That’s why it’s a “narrow way” (Matthew 7:13-14). All other doors do not lead to eternal life.

The more I study the life and teachings of Jesus, the more I learn that my puny formulations of salvation can never do justice to the vastness of the grace of God. We can have endless discussions about salvation; however, one thing is clear. All who are in heaven will be there because of the blood of the Lamb.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

Eli’s Reflection: If Jesus is the only way, then what happens to those who haven’t heard about Jesus? Try to come up with an answer that fits God’s character of love and justice.

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