Unlimited: What the Gospel is About

Mar 18, 2022 1296

Unlimited: What the Gospel is About

The gospel… regarding his Son (Romans 1:3a)

There are many theories today about what the Gospel is about, but that’s all they are: just theories. This was exactly the same situation that existed in the apostle Paul’s day. Paul wrote his letter to the church in Rome to establish exactly what the Gospel is, and isn’t.

That’s why Paul starts his letter by telling us what the Gospel is about. The Gospel is about the Son of God.

We should pay attention to this. The Gospel isn’t about a church. It’s not about which church is the right one and how wrong another church is. The Gospel is not even about picking and choosing specific Bible teachings that someone thinks are more important than others.

The Gospel is about the Son of God.

It’s also important to remember that the Gospel is most definitely not about you! It isn’t about how you can get blessed. It isn’t about what you have to do.

All of this might be rather challenging for some. It has always been the tendency of fallen humanity to take the person of Jesus away from the centre of existence and replace it with other teachings and requirements. Within the church this is done under the guise of Christianity. But the simple truth is that the Gospel is about Jesus.

Spiritual Application

Do you really know what the Gospel is? Try writing it out in a simple sentence. Read your definition carefully. If someone you loved lay dying and asked you how to be saved, is that what you would tell them? Would you stake your own life on it?

Eliezer Gonzalez

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Okurut Martin

Mar 19, 2022

The gospel is life in it's fullness and it's and in otherwards the gospel The way truth and life. Hate or ignore the gospel and ignore life or like eternal damnation. The gospel is the power to life and it's a heart beat of God. I love this so much. Glory to God.

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