Christian Life Article Issues From 33 – 40

Sep 19, 2014 1656

Series of Christian Life article issues written by Dr Desmond Ford

Issue No 33

christian life33

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Title: First Of All

In one movie version of Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, Scrooge, the old miser, visits his dying friend Joseph Marley. A dignified figure is sitting on the landing. “Are you the doctor?” asks Scrooge. “No, sir, I aman undertaker-ours is a very competitive business.”

Issue No 34

christian life34

Title: From Death To Life

We all have regrets. We all have not just one skeleton but several in the closet. On reading the verse “God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing” (Ecclesiastes 12:14), the respected rabbi who wept was not that different from the members of his flock. After all, who enjoys going to court as the star figure?

Issue No 35

christian life35

Title: Christianity Made Easy

It has been well said that the religion of many people is like a headache-they have no desire to lose their head, but it hurts them to keep it. This leads to the question: Is Christianity hard or easy? Or put another way: Is Christianity possible only to those who have a strong will, or can even moral weaklings “hold out” and “hold on”? A third way of asking the question is to inquire, “Does salvation depend mostly upod God’s doing or mine?”

Issue No 36

christian life36

Title: The Hound of Heaven

“The ultimate purpose of conscience is not merely to function as a condition for health and sound personality. but as the hound of heaven pursuing us and depriving us of supposed strength until we are taken by him who is love.”

Issue No 37

christian life37

Title: The Male Mid-Life Crisis

Life is never easy, and although we may think everyone around us is intensely successful and happy, we don’t see the whole picture. No person in the world is
perfectly content. No one is ever free of problems.

Issue No 38

christian life38

Title: The Foolish Wise Man

Years ago there was a man who loved diamonds. His house resembled a castle rather than a mansion. It was surrounded with a lofty wall, one which no one could climb without giving alarm. His treasure was kept in a safe in the wall of his bedroom, so that it could not be reached without first waking the owner.

Issue No 39

christian life39

Title: The Only Way To A Happy New Year

I had often wondered what the strange creature was. It looked somewhat like an ostrich but it wasn’t an ostrich. It looked like a shrunken giraffe, but it wasn’t a giraffe. Often when I jogged by the field, I was tempted to go to the fence and look more closely at the weird animal.

Issue No 40

christian life40

Title: Let Us Give Thanks: A Beautiful Work – Then and Now

Only once, that I can remember, did Jesus describe a specific work done for him as “beautiful.” In Mark 14:6 and Mathew 26:10 (KJV) Mary’s act of anointing is said to be a “good” work.

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