Christian Life Article Issues From 49 – 56

Sep 20, 2014 1662

Series of Christian Life article issues written by Dr Desmond Ford

Issue No 49

christian life49

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Title: Christ’s Recipe For Lasting Happiness Part Two

Now when he saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside” (Mt 5:1).

Issue No 50

christian life50

Title: Christ’s Recipe For Lasting Happiness Part Three

All the later beatitudes grow out of the preceding ones.

Issue No 51

christian life51

Title: Introduction To Proverbs

For years, Dr. Billy Graham has read a chapter of proverbs as part of his daily devotions. He completes the whole book each month. (Proverbs has thirty-one chapters.) In as much as Christians sometimes are not worldly-wise, Dr. Graham’s example is worthy of emulation.

Issue No 52

christian life52

Title: Are You a Worry Wart?

For many, it is a worse health threat than cholesterol. It can weaken your efforts, spoil your sleep and digestion, rob you of joy, and turn your hair gray. Are you a worrier? Is that your problem? If so, you have plenty of company – me, for one.

Issue No 53

christian life53

Title: Wisdom for Worry Warts

We’re standing, this very moment, at the meeting place of two eternities. There is the vast past behind us. There’s the infinite future ahead of us. 

Issue No 54

christian life54

Title: A Tithe of Thanks

Two angels set out from heaven, each with a basket to bring back the prayers and thanksgiving of those on earth.

Issue No 55

christian life55

Title: A Beginning of Wisdom: How to Study the Whole Bible

An intensive weekend Bible School teaches us that the Bible isfully trustworthy in its revelation of God, the gospel, and salvation.

Issue No 56

christian life56

Title: How to Do Theology Part Three

Many read into the Bible what they want to find. The secret is to get from the Bible what it truly says. This is exegesis, and requires a knowledge of hermeneutics, first meaning, church history, philosophy, and biography.

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