Part of the Family

Mar 5, 2017 2002

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Part of the Family

Recently, an Aussie friend of mine was really excited because he’d had a DNA test that told him he’s 3% Spanish! And because both my parents were from Spain, he now considers himself part of my family! Yep, genealogies often give us surprising connections!

Jesus’ genealogy is found in the first chapter of the gospel of Matthew, and it’s surprising too – warts and all, actually! Three of the four women in this genealogy were sex workers, and there’s a whole bunch of characters who normally wouldn’t be invited home to dinner.

There’s room for everyone in the family of God, even if people think you belong to the wrong crowd.

Jesus isn’t embarrassed by the outcasts and oddballs who were part of his family. So how could he ever be embarrassed by you?

When you accept Christ’s forgiveness and grace, you’re part of his family. And that’s the very best ancestry you can ever have!

Eliezer Gonzalez

Part of the Family

There’s room for everyone in the family of God.

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