Secret Rapture Article Issues

Oct 15, 2014 1989

by Dr Desmond Ford

Issue No 1

secret rapture 1

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The study of church history shows that pretribulationism and modern dispensationalism as a whole were unknown to the Christian church for eighteen centuries. Such views arose within one wing of the Plymouth…

Issue No 2

secret rapture 2


The SecretRapture doctrine is widespread amongfundamentalists) but it is not biblical. The key passage used to prove the doctrine shows clearly the Rapture is not secret.Neither is the Rapture. before the tribulation but after…

Issue No 3

secret rapture 3


The history of the SecretRapture doctrine is the story ofEdward Irving, John Darby, Margaret MacDonald, Mary Campbell, G.I. Scofield, and Hal Lindsey. It is also the story of extremesin prophetic interpretation and spiritual gifts.

Issue No 4

secret rapture 4


I’m writing in response to your article, “The One True Church” [August 1994, 14.8]. I appreciated what you had to say. You clarified several issues in a concise manner.

Issue No 5

secret rapture 5


The history of the Secret Rapture is brought up-to-date by Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth. The failure of that best-selling book’s major claims reminds us to ask of the Secret Rapture what we ask of all doctrine: “What is its fruitage?”


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