Unlimited: Faith Establishes the Law of God

Sep 20, 2021 1010

Unlimited: Faith Establishes the Law of God

Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law (Romans 3:31, KJV).

When the believer is adopted into the Lord’s family, his relationship to old Adam and the law ceases at once; but then he is under a new rule, and a new covenant. Believer, you are God’s child; it is your first duty to obey your heavenly Father….

Does He bid his saints love one another? Do it, not because the law says, “Love your neighbour,” but because Jesus says, “If ye love Me, keep My commandments;” and this is the commandment that He has given unto you, “that you love one another.”

Are you told to distribute to the poor? Do it, not because charity is a burden which you dare not shirk, but because Jesus teaches, “Give to him that asketh of thee.”

We establish the law.

Does the Word say, “Love God with all your heart”? Look at the commandment and reply, “Ah! commandment, Christ has fulfilled you already—I have no need, therefore, to obey you for my salvation, but I rejoice to obey you because God is my Father now and He has a claim upon me, which I would not dispute.”

May the Holy Ghost make your heart obedient to the constraining power of Christ’s love… Grace is the mother and nurse of holiness, and not the apologist of sin. – Charles Spurgeon

Reflection: God always associates obedience with love and strength. But in our society, obedience is typically seen as a sign of weakness and subservience. How has your culture impacted your understanding of obedience in terms of your spiritual life.

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Sep 21, 2021

God has open my eyes 👀 as well as my heart and mind to a whole new world on life ❣️ my heavenly Father has taught me how to deal with life though love and strength and not by society weakness cause I have learn though my father words that I can be my own down fall on life turns oh hallelujah in the name of God my father so instead of not facing my FEAR F- for future E-for entertainment A- for appearance R -for real in the name of Jesus I thank God for his love strength and wisdom most of all being in my life amen.

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