Unlimited: I am Unspiritual

Nov 28, 2022 676

Unlimited: I am Unspiritual

…but I am unspiritual, sold as a slave to sin (Romans 7:14b).

Paul tells us that the law is spiritual but that he is unspiritual. That’s why we get God’s law so wrong, even while trying to follow God. The apostle Paul here brings us “down to earth” and tells us the truth about our human condition.

While in the seventh chapter of Romans, Paul is writing about his own experience, it is also the experience of every human being who has ever lived. Many people claim to be “spiritual” in the world today, or that we are “spiritual” beings, however the apostle tells us that that is not the case.

The law is spiritual but we are unspiritual.

To be spiritual doesn’t mean to float around like a transparent ghost. Instead, it means to have the capacity to comprehend and engage with spiritual realities. We were originally created as spiritual beings; however, humanity lost its spiritual perception at the fall in Eden. Now we are not spiritual; we are carnal. Apart from Christ’s intervention, we have no ability to understand or deal with spiritual realities.

Worse than this, in the first Adam, the whole of the human race was sold into slavery to sin. This means that sin came to rule in this world and in us. Not only is our spiritual perception darkened, but all that we can do is serve sin as a slave serves his master.

Spiritual Application

When you choose Christ, then you will be able to walk according to the Spirit. Can you think of the time before you were born again in the Lord? What things do you see very differently now compared with then?

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