Unlimited: Peace and Mutual Edification

Oct 23, 2023 550

Unlimited: Peace and Mutual Edification

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peaceand to mutual edification (Romans 14:19).

This is something for which we should make every effort. It is what leads to peace and to building one another up. When we exert ourselves to this end, it is pleasing to both God and man.

The word “therefore” in this verse refers to the previous verse, which is about serving Christ. This is how Christ asks us to serve him.

In every interaction with another, with every word we speak, we are either building others up and creating peace, or we are destroying others and creating strife.

In every interaction with another we are either creating peace or creating strife.

The Greek word here translated as “make every effort” is also correctly translated as “pursue” (NASB.) The idea of this word is to run quickly after something in order to catch it, or to seek after something eagerly. Making “every effort” here refers particularly to how we relate to those who are weaker in faith, who do not understand grace well, and who tend to focus on performance.

There are people who turn issues such as what food we should eat or on what day we should worship into key focal points of their faith. Paul is here contrasting these people with those who pursue the right things. These are those things that lead to peace and that build each other up.

Spiritual Application

In your most important relationships, are you making every effort for peace and to build one another up? Where do you draw the line in terms of abusive relationships?

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A. M. Branes

Oct 23, 2023

I pray that I may walk in this light.

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