Unlimited: Zeal Without Knowledge

Apr 7, 2023 611

Unlimited: Zeal Without Knowledge

For I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge (Romans 10:2).

This statement by the apostle Paul rings as true today as it did two thousand years ago. There are many followers of God today who are very zealous for God, but whose zeal isn’t based on knowledge.

Many zealous Christians like to pursue knowledge about the Bible, its doctrines, and its prophecies. These are all good things. Yet this isn’t the kind of knowledge that the Jews back then, and many Christians today, are without. Paul is talking about the knowledge of the Gospel, as the very next verse demonstrates.

There are many followers of God today who are very zealous for God, but whose zeal isn’t based on knowledge.

I have discovered in my travels that even in the most professedly Christian nations, true Christianity is often “a mile wide and an inch thick.” This is because if you scratch below the surface, you will find little of the Gospel and much of cultural, social and personal preferences. While these preferences are all justified in religious terms, they are simply schemes to replace the Gospel of Jesus Christ with works-based ways to “get into God’s good books.” Many Christians tacitly assume that they know what the Gospel is, and so they move on to focus on more “important” or “advanced” aspects of Christian knowledge. How wrong they are!

Unless we first and foremost understand what the Gospel is, and have accepted it, giving it first place in our lives, our destiny will be the same as those who crucified the Lord Jesus, no matter how proudly we may wear our religious profession.

Spiritual Application

Write down the three most important pieces of knowledge that you can have in your life. Be specific. Look at your list. Of them all, which is the most important thing to know.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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Kelly Smith

Apr 10, 2023

The Gospel should be at the center of every sermon; not just during Holy Week!

Okurut Martin

Apr 8, 2023

Thanks so much for refilling our hearts with the celetial experience. words of wisdom z better scentic perfume.

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