What the Good News Is All About

Sep 19, 2022 2085

What the Good News Is All About

What the Good News Is All About

Even as a Christian, I’ve gone through different phases in my life trying to get my head around what the Good News of Christianity was all about.

Is it about asking God for stuff so that he gives it to you?

Is it about the church you go to?

Is it about what you have to do to be closer to God?

Is it all about intellectual religious ideas; you can call that “theology”?

Eventually, I gave up and I just thought that anything in the Bible that could conceivably be called “good news” was the Gospel.

Now I know the truth, that nothing that I do is the Good News.

Instead, it’s all about what Jesus has done through his sacrifice on the Cross.

The Good news is that, although I don’t deserve it, God loves me and that Christ’s goodness is credited to my account, and that as a result I am accepted into eternal life.

Elizezer Gonzalez

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