Young Couple, In Love and On the Run, Find Jesus

Aug 16, 2021 204

Young Couple, In Love and On the Run, Find Jesus
Sai and Nayam with Pr Joseph (left) on their wedding day

In love and on the run.. A Hindu boy named Sai and a Muslim girl named Nayame have accepted Jesus and agreed to marry in the Good News Divine Centre.

Sai has been working as a mason in his own town. He does not have a father and mother. He lost his parents at the age of 12. So he did not know what to do. No relatives approached him and took care of him.

So he alone went to a nearby town and he was there living under a landlord in exchange for doing work. He was doing his work still at the age of 20. Then he left the landlord and he took a separate room and stayed for few years and did work.

One day one of his friends who watched the GNU TV Programme encouraged him to watch and hear the Holy Gospel. So he watched and heard the GNU TV Programme and Holy Gospel. Then he got peace in his mind.

Meanwhile he had been love with a Muslim girl named Nayame. So he did not know what to do. He has been watching the GNU TV Programme and praying to Jesus.

“Now I realise that it is Jesus who helped me”

One day he and Nayame ran away from her house and went into a remote village. Before they ran away, they informed Nayame’s parents that they wanted to marry and they were in love. So her parents warned them and said that they would kill Sai.

So when they ran away her parents were so angry and wanted to kill Sai and take her home. They searched many days and even one month. But they did not find them.

So without a marriage they have been staying in the house. Sai was watching the GNU TV Programme and called me and shared everything with me.

So I prayed for both of them and shared Holy Gospel and said to them that I would perform the marriage for them. So they felt so happy and Nayame accepted Jesus into her life and I did the marriage at the Good News Divine Centre.  

Sai says,

It is Jesus who helped me in my life to work first and to get to Nayame. When my parents both died and I was left alone, I thought that my life was useless and I couldn’t live on my own. But now I realise that it is Jesus who helped me to live here on earth. So we are both married happily in Christ. Thanks to Jesus.

– Pr Joseph Usala

What does the Bible says about being in love and on the run?

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