The Danger of Prosperity

Jun 7, 2017 1688

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The Danger of Prosperity

There’s a story about when bees were first introduced to Barbados in the West Indies. At first the bees worked hard to gather pollen for the coming winter, but when winter never came, and they realised that they were in a land of perpetual summer, they just stopped working. Instead, they spent most of their time stinging the people!

We generally think that prosperity’s good, but it’s also a problem. That’s because most of us have it too easy. And when that happens, like the bees, we stop working, and start stinging each other. Our behaviour becomes selfish and harmful to others.

We shouldn’t only thank God for our prosperity, but also for the threats to our prosperity, if these lead us to greater love and more faith in Jesus. Let’s be satisfied with the material things that we have, but let’s never be satisfied with our faith and relationship with God.

Eliezer Gonzalez

The Danger of Prosperity

Let’s be satisfied with the material things we have.

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