The Faith of Abraham

Apr 21, 2022 1465

The Faith of Abraham

Perhaps you’ve heard about Abraham. In the Bible he’s a pretty important character. And he’s especially famous as being a hero of faith.

The problem with this is that the biblical record of Abraham’s life doesn’t seem to point to him as a man of great faith but instead as a man of a weak and doubting faith. In fact, Abraham disbelieved God so much that he stalled before eventually obeying him.

He came up with all sorts of schemes to find a way to fulfill God’s promise by himself. And he even repeatedly lied because he didn’t believe that God would protect him. And that was all the way through to his old age.

So that’s Abraham for you. Yet still the Bible calls him the father of all who believe and is called the friend of God. The point I’m making is that Abraham was just like you and me.

Remember you can still be God’s friend even if your faith is far from perfect.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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