The Sin of Control

Dec 3, 2015 12590

Controlling personWhat is the sin of control? It is to shake your fist in the face of God and to say, “I will do it my way.”

The sin of control is close to the root of all evil. Whether we talk about pride or money – the love of control is right there in the thick of things. The sin of control was these in Lucifer’s heart when he said, “I will… I will… I will…”

It was there in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve wanted to take control of knowledge and their own identities and futures. It was there before the flood decided to wrest control away from God and turn their hearts entirely towards evil. It was there at the Tower of Babel when the people decided that they would work out a way to reach heaven by themselves.

It was always there. Christ’s temptation in the wilderness was over the question of to whom he would yield the control of his life. Christ was crucified because he was a threat to the control that the religious leaders of the day had over the people. With his final breath, Christ reaffirmed that he committed the control of his life entirely to the Father. The whole Book of Revelation is about who will ultimately control the world.

We don’t often think about the issue of control, because in our worldly society we are taught that to control things is a virtue. The more you control, the more power you have over yourself, and especially over others.

I learnt this lesson well, having been a manager in large corporations for many years. I became a “control freak.” And my religious upbringing reinforced this and made me a person with tendencies to being controlling and judgmental of others.

The sin of control is deceptive. It gives you a false sense of power and of purpose. And it has another even worse effect…

When you are committing the sin of control against God in your life, you are invariably committing the sin of attempting to control others. I am talking about the people who are overbearing, implacable and unrelenting; I am talking about people for whom its “My way or the highway”; I am talking about people who are intolerant of the mistakes or even the preferences of others; who are insistent that all should be done the way they believe it should. These are symptoms of a deeply broken personal relationship with God.

The sin of control can be justified in so many societal and healthful and religious ways. Yet it always remains close to the root of all evil. And it will pollute and destroy the lives of those around you as surely as vilest disease.

Perhaps this is a wake-up call for you? I know that God is still working in my life to help me overcome the sin of control.

The Gospel teaches us that the way to relate to God is like this:

Not my will, but yours, be done. – Luke 22:42

The essential duty of everyone who calls themselves a Christian is to,

Take up your cross – Matt 16:24

So spend some time at Calvary, and learn there from the Lamb of God what it means to give up control to the Father.

Your eternal destiny hangs on it, for I am convinced that one who loves and cherishes control, can never have faith in God.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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