When Jesus Delays

Mar 5, 2017 2232

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When Jesus Delays

Waiting can be such a pain! Very late one night—one o’clock in the morning, actually—my plane was due to leave India for Australia, but it was delayed for hours. I was so tired, that, as I waited in line at the airport, I fell asleep standing up against the wall!

One day, some messengers came to Jesus, to tell him that his friend Lazarus was very sick. But Jesus didn’t go right away. He waited. And back at Lazarus’ home, his family waited anxiously.

In fact, Jesus waited for so long, that by the time he got there, Lazarus had already died.

But it was worth the wait, because Jesus did something better than heal Lazarus from his sickness, he raised him from the dead! Yes, waiting’s hard. But here’s the truth. If you learn to wait on God, he will always give you something better than you have ever hoped for.

Eliezer Gonzalez

When Jesus Delays

When Jesus delays, it will be worth the wait.

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